Hello friends and family!

I apologize for the late blog entry here! We have been very busy having fun and making sure everything is running smoothly!

Leaders and students are having a lot of fun! We have had cabins go paint balling, tackling a high ropes course, a water slide and a lot of  blobbing! We have had two beautiful days here so far and I pray we continue to have that.

Large group has been a sweet space for all the student sot sing together, laugh together and hear the good news go the gospel together.

I am typing this before our event tonight (Thursday) we will be sending the cabins and their leaders through an obstacle course and ending with a night ride down the big water slide here!

Here are some pictures from today and I will be sure to check in tomorrow! IMG_4805.jpegIMG_4772.jpegIMG_3281.jpeg

1 thought on “Summit!

  1. Wow! What a gift to be in this together on in the awesome fun, adventures and knowing Jesus loves each of you!

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