Summit Day 4!


Today has been a pretty epic day! We split everyone into 4 teams and they had time to come up with a team cheer and get some team spirit going. Each team then battled each other in various events such as, inner tube relay, bat spin relay, hula hoop relay, tarp pull relay and a tug o war in a mud pit! They were then surprised by a fire truck from the local station who brought 1000 gallons of water and sprayed everyone off. We all felt like kids again!

We are currently in the free time part of our schedule and kids seem to be really enjoying themselves. Tonight we will hear from our camp speaker Trevor as he talks through the question of, “Why does Jesus matter”? Our leaders and fellow staff at camp will then close out large group with some Card Board Testimonies. This allows us to share a lot of stories in a unique way to hopefully put verbiage to some of the things our students are going through.

We will end the night with our silent dance party! This is a favorite thing for students how have come on Summit and a fun surprise for those who will experience it for the first time ever tonight!

The cabin leaders are crushing it this week, hanging out with high schoolers 24/7 isn’t always easy and they are loving these kids so well!

Check out some photos from today!IMG_4847.jpegIMG_4860.jpegIMG_4879.jpegIMG_4912.jpegIMG_4923.jpegIMG_4924.jpegIMG_4927.jpegIMG_4824.jpeg

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