Mission St. Louis

Days 3-4

Our days have been full! Students have been experiencing various ways to serve and love our brothers and sisters here in Houston. Here’s what we were up to on Wednesday and Thursday:

Meet A Need: students were given the task of introducing themselves to someone who seemed like they might be in need. They learned about them, listened to their story, and asked what their biggest need was. The group was given $15 to spend on meeting that need and blessing our new friend. The SU”She” (group name) ladies met a woman named Josie. After sharing about how she ended up on the streets of Houston, Josie expressed that her biggest need was a new bra and undergarments. The girls didn’t skip a beat and within under an hour they had made a trip to Walmart and returned to Josie with those simple items that made her day. The group then prayed over Josie and got to share a glimpse of the love of Christ with her.

Bread of life: “Alpha Group” (group name) spent time at this organization sorting donations for homeless care kit distributions.

Sheltering Arms: They then spent the afternoon at a senior home, spending time meeting elderly friends, hearing their stories, and bringing smiles to their faces.

Rainbow Housing: Both groups took shifts at Rainbow where they got to play and hang out with kids ages 5-15. These kids live in low income Housing and participate in Rainbow as a free program that helps keep kids busy and learning throughout the summer.

Project Row Housing Tour: Our group took a tour of Project Row in the third ward (hometown of Beyoncé)! This area was formerly known as a hot spot for drugs, prostitution, etc. In recent years, the neighborhood has been transformed into a hub for art, music and food!

On Wednesday night we were given free time to explore the city and eat somewhere of our choice! Students got to see the Water Wall and try Houston’s famous Bubba’s Burger Shack.

Thursday night, CSM hosted a Worship Evening with all church groups here this week. We joined together to sing, pray, and hear where students have seen and experienced God over the past few days!

We have had a great week and we can’t wait to see how these students continue to serve their neighbors and share the love of Christ back home!

*For more photos from our trip, check out our HSM Facebook and Instagram pages! Search:

CPC Commitment Class (on FB)

cpc_cc (on IG)

CPC TEN12 (on FB)

cpc_ten12 (on IG)


Day 2

This was our first day spent in our 2 serving groups. Both groups’ schedules differ a bit, but there was some overlap which was nice. Instead of giving you the full run down of our day, we’ll share a few highlights and some fun photos!

Serving at Houston Food Bank: Both of our groups did shifts at the Houston Food Bank where we sorted through donated goods. Houston Food Bank is the largest food donation center in the US, so it was really cool to see how it all worked and be a part of it! (https://www.houstonfoodbank.org/)

Prayer Tour: Each of our groups went on a prayer tour of Houston which was led by our CSM city hosts. We drove along a designated route, stopping periodically to hear some stats about Houston, learn about challenges many people face, and also heard about the many ways that the hope of Jesus is shining through even in the middle of hard situations.

We ended the night with some time to debrief as a group. Another great day in Houston, we’re looking forward to the rest of the week!

Day 1: Arrival Day

After a smooth flight here, we hopped into our rental vehicles and hit the road headed for CSM. We got to experience all that Houston has to offer in terms of rain as we took off from the airport, so we enjoyed a nice slow journey.

We stopped at Whataburger for a late lunch before heading to CSM. When we got to our home base for the week, we unpacked and settled in.

Our group went to Pho Quynh, a vietnamese restaurant, for dinner and had some delicious Pho.

At night, wet had some time to do an activity followed by some conversation about the potential challenges when two different cultures come together. We also focused on how we can be people who are bringing others closer to each other, no matter what their background.

Our general schedule for each day here is:

  • Breakfast and Morning Devotional Time
  • Serving/Cultural Immersion experience during the morning
  • Lunch
  • Serving/Cultural Immersion Experience during the afternoon.
  • Dinner at a family owned restaurant
  • Debrief time in the evening
  • Free time sprinkled in throughout the day
  • Bedtime

For future days of the blog, we will keep the words of the updates briefer and make sure to include lots of pictures. We’re praying for an incredible week where God shows up in powerful ways! Thank you for trusting us with your kids, we know it’s not easy to have them gone for a week but we are confident that their relationships with Jesus will be greatly impacted because of it!

4 thoughts on “Mission St. Louis

  1. I’m not a normal blog reader, but man was I blown away at the photos. Do all blogs have photos? I am looking forward to hearing more about the trip. Was it cold one morning? People had jackets on?

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