Tuesday Evening – Wednesday Evening

Last night we heard Andra talk about the reality of sin in our lives. We saw our perfect relationship with God get sawed in half, and thought through the different ways that we try to close the gap in our own lives. After large group, we headed off to small group to get some time to talk about what we have been learning this week!

We ended the night with an awesome dance through the decades. We saw some amazing costumes from all the students and some even better dance moves. It was such a fun night full of lots of laughter and jumping!

This morning we woke up and had breakfast (scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes) and then we heard the next installment of Real Life. Things got a little more real in the stories of the interns as we heard about what is really going on underneath the surface. Students then got time to individually reflect in their morning devotions and then talk through this with their small group leader.

Our morning activity was Nuke ‘Em. Students got split up onto random teams and we had a double-elimination tournament. It was a blast and the students had fun playing and cheering on their friends when they weren’t playing. Our championship game was between the Chicken Tenders and the Mangoes – and the Mangoes ended up on top!

Lunch was chicken tenders with french fries – yum! The afternoon consisted of our usual rotations, but a lot of groups spent their afternoon looking for Sheldon. Sheldon is a shell with googly eyes that was hid around camp. They have been getting clues in order to locate him for points for their team. It’s been a fun way for many of our students to spend their free time. We then had a delicious dinner – steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob (which is my absolute favorite)! Below is a picture of a fan favorite to do during free time: Mountain Boarding!

Day 2 3

We just finished up large group where we sang, played some crazy games with Larry and Lindo Limbo, and then heard Andra talk about the cross. We learned that the love that God displayed on the cross by dying for us is the only way that can close the gap that we have in our lives because of sin. As I am typing this, students are in their small groups getting a chance to talk about this amazing display of love.

The last thing we have planned tonight is Mission Impossible, a night game played in their color teams. The goal is to find all of the stations with leaders at them and collect eggs for their towel. They have to get the eggs back to their team base without any cracks in order to get points! It should be a fun night! Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow night for our last blog post.

Wednesday Morning / Afternoon

We had such a fun day here at TimberBay! We had beautiful weather – sunshine and mid 70’s – for a morning full of Olympic Games. Students were divided into teams when we got to camp and will be competing in those teams throughout the week. The winning team gets an ice cream party before we leave! During our Olympic games, students participated in a multitude of relay races, a team cheer competition, a water balloon toss, and many others! Enjoy some pictures taken during the Olympics!

We had morning large group, which we call Real Life. This is a way of sharing testimonies in which our college interns act as if they are in middle school and tell their story through that lens. Your students then got time to do a morning devotion where they looked at the stories that they heard and answered questions that helped them see parallels to their story.

This afternoon, we had our first round of rotations. We have a wide range of activities that all students will do throughout the week. Camp has a petting zoo that students walk to and spend time there, they will have a pontoon ride, spend time in the craft room, complete an egg drop challenge, swim in the waterfront, and participate in field games. We saw lots of smiles and laughs throughout the afternoon. After that, students had two more hours of free time in which they could do whatever we wanted. Some of the 8th grade girls spent their time making bracelets, a lot of the students spent time at the waterfront fishing, swimming, and paddle boating, and others played Gaga Ball and Basketball. Overall, it was a wonderful afternoon!

If you are wondering what we had for meals – our breakfast was pancakes and bacon and lunch was a sandwich bar!

Tuesday Evening

Hello from Onamia, MN! Although mother nature gave us a bit of rain today, we have been making the most of our first day of camp. I am always amazed at the energy level the middle school students possess.  It’s a gentle reminder that we are not all 21 anymore! They keep me young and it does not go unappreciated.

Since I am a big fan of food, our lunch was sloppy joes and tater tots, and dinner was spaghetti and meatballs with a side of bread sticks of course. The food here is a step above basic “camp food.”

You will have to ask your student about the program guest characters known as Larry Limbo and Linda Limbo. They are aspiring limbo athletes who are here to help us limbo well and play up front games with us.

The sun ended up coming out a little bit in the evening. We got to play our large group games outside in the expansive field that Timber Bay has.

We are blessed to have Christian Ankrum with us doing worship this week, and got to enjoy a ton of singing and dancing together. Then Andra Johnson, our camp speaker, dove into our first message of camp, tackling our theme tonight of how we are created in God’s image. She helped us to focus on three questions.

  1. Who do I want to be?
  2. Who do others want me to be?
  3. Who does God want me to be?

I hope these topic jump started some good conversation in small groups.

We ended our day by doing an original escape room that we created just for camp! We spent a good amount of time solving puzzles and riddles to unlock boxes and find the hidden treasure at camp. You will have to ask your student about this experience for sure.

Here are some quotes from the day and the students:

Q: How was the escape room?

A: “It was really fun, but it was kinda scary because all this random crap was in our room and I was like who was in our room?” – Viv Kershner

Q: What was your favorite part of the day?

A: “I like just hanging out at the cabin and talking.” -Evelyn Albright

Q: How is the food at camp?

A: “The food is pretty great, I mean like, pretty filling. Almost wasn’t hungry to eat it cause you know ate a lot of food in the cabin.” – Ava Hermes

We look forward to the rest of the days of the week! Stay tuned for more on the blog daily.

-CPC Student Ministry Staff



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