Day 1 (Sunday)

Greetings from sunny Rathdrum, Idaho!

After an easy 28 hour bus trip we are finally at camp. After unloading the buses, the kids had free time to explore the camp. Kids swam at the waterfront and played “9-Square in the Air” before our first meal at camp. From there, kids headed to large group where CPC’s Trevor Tinsley gave his talk on identity. Instead of the typical “highs and lows,” small groups started a little differently this week. Leaders and their students all shared something about themselves by starting the sentence, “If you really knew me…” and finished the sentence with a fun fact about themselves. This way of opening small group will continue throughout the week in hopes that kids start to be more vulnerable with their groups. After small groups, everyone gathered back in the lodge for Entertainment Night where small group leaders acted in goofy skits. Overall a great Day One of camp!

Day 2 (Monday)

Day 2 of camp started with our first installment of Real Life. Four of our leaders shared their experience as high schoolers. Kids then reflected with some quiet time spread out around camp comparing there own stories to the stories they just heard. After breakfast we started the 17th annual Summit volleyball tournament. Kids were randomly assigned to teams, made up team cheers, and got to know teammates from other grades. The tournament ended in an epic face-off between team “Child’s Play” and “Nerf or Nothin’.” In the afternoon some groups got to go horseback riding, some went cliff jumping, and others went tubing. Everyone else hung out around camp tie-dying, swimming and doing other camp-y activities. At large group we heard a very powerful talk from CPC’s Carrie Gleason, about sin and brokenness in the world and settling into that brokenness with God. The emphasis of tonights small group was recognizing how we settle into brokenness in our own lives. The night ended on a higher note with a camp-wide obstacle course ending in a giant slip n’ slide.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Tuesday was a pretty relaxed day at camp. Our morning started with another installment of real life where our four leaders opened up more to their own brokenness in their stories; kids again had some quiet time to reflect and relate to what they’d just heard. During the day, we continued with all the fun group activities from yesterday and some groups also got to go rock climbing in Spokane. During all this free-time leaders got a chance to do some “one-on-ones” with their campers. During this time, kids talked about their stories and also asked questions they may have had so far. At large group CPC’s Erica Ferris read the full story of Jesus’ crucifixion and then talked about what that meant for all of us. After her talk leaders walked on stage on at a time holding a piece of cardboard. On one side of the cardboard leaders wrote what their life looked like before Jesus and then they flipped the cardboard to reveal what their lives look like now with Jesus. Students got to debrief all they had heard and seen during large group in their small groups and with their leaders. Students were given the chance to think about their own cardboard testimony as they got to see the truths about who God says that they are. We finished out the night with a bonfire where students got the chance to voice how they have seen God moving throughout the week. It was a really powerful time for all involved.




7 thoughts on “Summit

  1. Thank you so much for the updates…it really feels like we are there. Great that the phones are taken away for a week. Good for all the participants to experience the isolation to concentrate and reflect. I wrote to my son to have a great time and take a break from hockey and think about life and bonding with friends and the Lord. I think back to the days when I went to church camp and it was such a great time with friends and meeting new friends.

    It is about LIFE and LIFE should be enjoyed and celebrated.

    We all desire good things for our children….so happy he went to Summit 2015.

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